• Battleship Half Marathon, Battleship 10K and Outdoor Equipped Battleship 5K
    Battleship Half Marathon, Battleship 10K and Outdoor Equipped Battleship 5K
    • Date: Sunday, 04 November 2018
    • Time:

      8:00am - Half Marathon & 10K

      8:10am - 5K


Course Info

Click here to view the course map marked and with the 5K course marked with a dotted line.

Right click and "marquee zoom" to increase the size of the map to view mile markers and street names. The map is printable so if you want a hard copy course map copy and print it.


The Half Marathon course crosses two bridges over the Cape Fear River, goes through historic downtown Wilmington, tours beautiful Greenfield Lake, and returns to the Battleship via the Memorial Bridge with the 12-mile point being the highest point on the course at the top of the Memorial Bridge.


The 10K also goes over the same two bridges, goes through downtown on the same course as the Half Marathon. The at Mile-4 the 10K course crosses Front Street and heads up the onramp to the Memorial Bridge. At the same point (Mile-4) the half marathon course turns right onto Front Street and continues to Greenfield Lake.


Follow this link to view the 10K map


The Battleship 5K starts at the same point as the Half Marathon and 10K, only 10 minutes later. 5K runners go 75 meters and turn left going down Battleship Road for 0.4 miles, do a U-turn and head back to the access road in front of the Battleship and turn left. At 1.3-miles 5K runners turn right on highway 421, go over the bridge, do a U-turn and head back toward the access road and turn left heading back to the Battleship. The 5K finishes at the end of the access road. Fun course with a bit of a bite to it!








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